Transformative Effects of Tongkat Ali: My Personal Experience

Transformative Effects of Tongkat Ali: My Personal Experience
December 30, 2023
Viking Beast

I’ll start by giving you some background on myself.

I’m 23 years old, I’ve been going to the gym regularly for 6 years, my diet is good, I barely drink, try to sleep 8 hours every night and I try to live healthy in other aspects of life.

You would expect I’m a person bursting with energy and testosterone, right? Well, wrong. Why? I have no clue.

During the day I got so tired, that I HAD to take a nap. Also, my libido wasn’t as high as you would expect it to be and my overall drive to achieve my goals was lacking.

This wasn’t, because I wasn’t motivated, driven, or passionate. I love nothing more than to progress in life.

I get my blood tested regularly and my testosterone has never been that high, even though I do “all the right things”.

I don’t want to take steroids, so I started researching other ways to boost testosterone and help me feel better.

I came across a few (there aren’t many) studies about Tongkat Ali, and got interested it looked promising in boosting testosterone naturally.

I did more research about dosage, what kind of Tongkat Ali supplements are most effective and where I could order them.

It was fairly difficult to find a potent Tongkat Ali supplement that seemed to work, but I found “the one” I was looking for and made an order.

Four months I supplemented Tongkat Ali.

Allow me to share how Tongkat Ali made my life better.

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What is Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is known by a variety of names, such as Eurycoma Longifolia, Longjack, Pasak Bumi, or Tung Saw.

Its origins lie in Southeast Asia, where the herbal supplement can be found in the roots of the green shrub tree.

In multiple Asian countries, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. It’s been used for a long time to treat testosterone-related problems like male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Besides that, it’s used for malaria and other kinds of infections (which is less interesting for me living in Europe).

The health benefits should go further than testosterone because Tongkat Ali contains all kinds of antioxidants such as flavonoids, alkaloids, etc. These antioxidants should help your body fight off cellular damage.

It’s mostly taken in pill form (extract) or consumed as a beverage.

That concludes the short overview of what Tongkat Ali is.

More interesting is what did Tongkat Ali do? Better yet, how can Tongkat Ali make your life better?

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The supplement I take and dosage

Tongkat Ali Nootropics Depot and dosage instructions

After research, I decided to use the brand Nootropics Depot.

I decided to take one pill of 100mg of 10% eurycomanone and one pill of 200mg of 2% eurycomanone.

Note: there is no “ideal” dosage, so this is what I deemed best for me.

Eurocymone is the active ingredient of Tongkat Ali, which provides the benefits.

For the first 3 weeks I took the two pills daily, and after I started cycling 5 days on (weekdays) and 2 days off (weekends).

I take it in the morning right before I have breakfast.

From the research I’ve done around Tongkat Ali, Nootropics Depot seemed to be the most trustworthy and potent supplement to take. It also has very good reviews and a good reputation.

You can find my review of Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali supplements here.

I encourage you to always do your research, and be mindful that many Tongkat Ali supplements might not be as promised. It isn’t a supplement that’s regulated such as creatine for example.

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Benefits that made my life better

Overview benefits Tongkat Ali supplementation

My testosterone increased

I’ve written an in-depth article on my bloodwork before and after four months of taking Tongkat Ali, which you can find here if you are interested.

In short, my total testosterone increased by 21,67 % and my free testosterone increased by 35,36 %.

Especially the free testosterone is a major difference, which is awesome because that’s what influences the quality of life the most.

The increase in testosterone is probably the main reason for most, if not all, the benefits that made my life better.

Increase in energy

Before taking Tongkat Ali I got extremely tired during the day, especially after eating food.

That after-lunch dip kicked in so hard, that I oftentimes HAD to take a nap. I would not survive the day without it.

Okay, maybe I would survive, but it was very sub-optimal.

After about a week of taking Tongkat Ali, I felt like a changed person.

I didn’t feel like taking a nap anymore, even after a meal so big, that would even make the Viking Gods themselves feel sleepy.

I felt ready to be active and had more energy to go to the gym or put in work in my passions. Daily life became way more fun.

I started to feel like I could take on the world, easy. Not in a cocky way, but with more energy, also came more confidence.

My mindset squeezed out “Why me?” and switched it to “Try me”.

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Controlling stress

After about a week of taking Tongkat Ali, I noticed I was able to handle stress better.

Situations that would normally freak me out a little bit inside, were easy to handle.

For example, while giving a presentation I could enjoy it at the moment. ENJOY IT? Normally, I would be afraid to choke on my words.

Meeting new people and starting conversations, daily challenges, bolt goals, etc. It all seems way less stressful.

Previously stressful situation? I got it. Bring it on. I guess it positively affected my confidence as well.

Better sex life

I believe it’s good to talk about things that might be considered “taboo” in society.

I felt like my libido was below average for my age and lifestyle. Now, I work out pretty hard and often, so I put a lot of stress on my body. However, it did bother me.

While using Tongkat Ali I noticed my libido got way higher. I now get turned on in a matter of seconds, which would not be the case before.

Besides that, my erections are harder and last for a lot longer. This means I have to wait a while before I can pee now, which is kind of annoying.

I didn’t measure this, but I believe my sperm count also increased.

More strength in the gym

I’ve been working out every week for over 6 years, so the rate that I gain strength nowadays is pretty slow.

My strength increased noticeably faster in the months of experimenting with Tongkat Ali.

Exercises from every muscle group would just improve in weight or reps, week after week. This is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.

While it was not a reason I started taking Tongkat Ali, I welcomed the strength gains with open arms.

A better body composition

Same as with strength, the changes in my body after more than 6 years of training are minimal on a month-to-month base.

I always had a set weight of around 86-87kg, with fairly low body fat (around 12% most of the time).

While taking Tongkat Ali my bodyweight setpoint changed to around 90kg, while looking slightly lower in body fat.

After the four months of taking Tongkat Ali was honestly the best physique I’ve achieved this far in my bodybuilding journey.

I’ll still go above and beyond in the years to come. But it’s awesome that I finally got beyond my plateau of 86-87kg body weight.

More driven in life and to my goals

The thing I love most in life is finding passions, dedicating myself to them completely, and making progress. I enjoy setting goals, sometimes very stupid goals, and crushing them.

Oftentimes I felt like I didn’t have the energy to give myself 200%, even though I knew I wanted to.

After a week on Tongkat Ali that changed, hard. I started feeling ready to take on any goal, no matter how long it would take or what I had to learn.

During that time I got the crazy idea to start my blog, which took approximately 400.000 hours of learning and creating.

I’m in love with my new feeling of being able to take on the world.

Less hungry when losing weight

This might be a placebo in full effect. I’m currently in a fat loss phase for summer, and I’m losing weight pretty fast.

I feel way less hungry than usual when I’m losing weight, and I believe it’s thanks to Tongkat Ali.

I don’t see any noticeable other changes I made in my life, which explain my decrease in hunger. However, I can’t be sure of this benefit.

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Side effects I experienced

Overview side effect Tongkat Ali supplementation

Sleep changed

Before I would be able to sleep 8 hours and only sometimes wake up during the night.

I notice that with Tongkat Ali my sleep has changed quite a bit. I wake up more at night, which is annoying sometimes.

However, I still feel a lot more awake all day long. So from that aspect, I do not understand it completely.

I sleep worse technically. I feel better, have more energy, and kick more ass during the day. It’s pretty contradictive and makes very little sense.

Nausea on an empty stomach

From my research, I concluded it’s best to take Tongkat Ali first thing in the morning.

However, if I don’t eat in a short time after taking it then I’ll start to feel super sick.

I have to take Tongkat Ali either with breakfast or have breakfast right after it, then I feel fine and don’t notice anything.

Out of what I’ve read, this is pretty common. If you decide to try Tongkat Ali yourself, just be aware of this.

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Will I keep taking it?

After discussing my blood results with my doctor, he even said that I could continue to take it and my testosterone improved considerably.

There were no side effects shown in my blood whatsoever.

My life quality significantly improved and out of all the supplements I take, this one works by far the best.

You can find the review on Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali supplements here.

Normally testosterone boosting supplements plain out doesn’t work and I’m very skeptical about these things.

After four months of supplementing Tongkat Ali, I can say this makes my life better for sure.

So hell yes, I’m continuing to cycle Tongkat Ali 5 days on, 2 days off. If my mind would change at any time, I’ll come back and edit this article.

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Final words

I’ve written this article to share my experience with Tongkat Ali.

I know I’m not the only one that deals with issues related to lower testosterone.

I wanted to give you a detailed insight how supplementing with Tongkat Ali has made my life better.

My energy increased, my strength went up, my body composition improved, I’m more driven in life and my sex life got a lot better.

This is the article I would have wanted to read when researching the topic. It’s not science, but honest experience from someone that tried it.

If you want to try the Tongkat Ali supplements I use for yourself, then you can find them by clicking here.

If you want to share your experience with low testosterone, or have tried different supplements/other things, then you’re always welcome to contact me!

Have you ever experienced signs of low testosterone?

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