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August 7, 2022

You might have just heard about Epicatechin or you're wondering if this supplement can take your life to the next level.

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What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is a highly bioavailable flavanol compound.

This is a kind of flavonoid polyphenol antioxidant, that has specific health benefits that are different from other flavonoids.

Epicatechin can be found in foods, with the highest concentrations in dark chocolate and green tea.

Where does Epicatechin come from?

Epicatechin is a kind of flavonoid polyphenol antioxidant that is mainly found in dark chocolate (the higher cacao, the better) and green tea (Camellia sinensis).

It can also be found in “healthy” foods, such as blackberries, black grapes, cherries, beans, apples, pears, raspberries, and red wine.

What does Epicatechin do (in your body)?

Epicatechin increases nitric oxide in the body, and may inhibit Myostatin (surpressor/regulator of muscle growth).

More nitric oxide means that blood vessels will become more relaxed (widening them).

This allows an increase of blood, which is rich in oxygen and nutrients, to go into your muscles.

More oxygen and nutrients in your muscles can improve performance in multiple ways, like increased power, endurance, recovery, and better pumps in the gym.

Overall muscle contraction and mind-muscle connection can improve as well.

Less Myostatin means more Follistatin, or an increase in the rate of muscle growth.

Does Epicatechin inhibit myostatin?

Several studies have shown that Epicatechin can inhibit Myostatin, and in turn increase Follistatin.

Myostatin suppresses muscle growth, while Follistatin promotes muscle growth.

There are more studies needed for definite conclusions, but Epicatechin could be very promising.

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Is Epicatechin safe?

Researchers found that Epicatechin is safe to consume for healthy adults for at least up to 2mg per kilogram of body weight a day with no to minimal side effects.

There is more research needed to see how high you can “safely” when supplementing Epicatechin.

Is Epicatechin effective?

Yes, Epicatechin can widen the blood vessels and increase blood flow.

This allows for more blood that is rich in oxygen and nutrients to go into the muscles.

As a result, athletic performance goes up, power is increased, you have more endurance, better recovery, and experience better pumps while working out.

Epicatechin may also suppress myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth.

Therefore promoting an increase in muscle mass.

Is Epicatechin a steroid?

Epicatechin is a highly bioactive flavonol, which is a specific kind of flavonoid.

It’s not an anabolic steroid.

It is found in foods like dark chocolate and green tea.

At higher dosages of around 2mg per kilogram of body weight, it may inhibit myostatin production.

This can promote muscle growth and overall body composition.

Is Epicatechin legal/ banned?

Epicatechin is a legal compound and is currently not banned, even though research suggests that it may suppress myostatin.

Myostatin inhibits/ regulates muscle growth in your body.

Myostatin blockers are considered “banned” substances.

Does Epicatechin build muscle?

Epicatechin may suppress myostatin in the body, which regulates/inhibits muscle growth.

Therefore, it may increase muscle mass and be beneficial for overall body composition.

Epicatechin also widens blood vessels, improving oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to go into the muscles.

This results in better workouts and recovery.

Over time this may also increase muscle mass.

What are the benefits of Epicatechin?

Epicatechin may increase athletic performance, by increasing power, endurance, recovery, and improving muscle contraction.

You also get better pumps in the gym.

Epicatechin also blocks myostatin, which inhibits/regulates muscle growth, this may promote an increase in the speed of building muscle mass.

Is Epicatechin good for athletes?

Yes! Epicatechin improves athletic performance, by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that goes into the muscles.

This results in more power output, more muscular endurance, better muscle contractions, and improved recovery.

Is Epicatechin good for fat loss?

Epicatechin boosts exercise performance and may increase muscle growth.

It promotes a better overall body composition and is, therefore, an effective supplement for fat loss.

It potentially increases fat oxidation as well, especially in overweight individuals, but more research is needed.

Is Epicatechin good for endurance?

Epicatechin improves muscular endurance by allowing more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to go into the muscles.

What are the side effects of Epicatechin?

There are no known side effects of Epicatechin.

Research suggests that healthy adults can safely consume up to 2mg of Epicatechin per kilogram of bodyweight.

More research is needed.

How much Epicatechin per day?

For the athletic performance-enhancing and muscle-building effects of Epicatechin, dosages of 150-200mg or higher per day may be best.

Research currently suggests that a dosage of 1-2mg per kilogram of body weight is appropriate.

What foods contain Epicatechin?

Foods highest in Epicatechin are cacao beans, cacao powder, and dark chocolate (as high in cacao as possible).

Other foods with relatively high concentrations of Epicatechin are blackberries, black grapes, beans, apples, pears, cherries, green tea, raspberries, and red wine.

What is an Epicatechin supplement?

An Epicatechin supplement is a concentrated form of Epicatechin, usually in a dosage between 150-200mg of Epicatechin.

Epicatechin naturally occurs in the food we eat, but not in amounts high enough to enhance athletic performance or muscle-building capabilities.

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Where to buy Epicatechin?

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When should you take Epicatechin?

You can take Epicatechin at any time of the day because it does not have a stimulatory effect.

Ideally, you take it pre-workout, because it widens the blood vessels so more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood can go into your muscle.

And it helps in getting a sick pump.

Should you take Epicatechin with or without food?

Epicatechin can be taken in the morning with your meal or ideally before a workout.

Overall it doesn’t matter if you take it with food, as long as you don’t feel nauseous after taking it on an empty stomach.

Should you take Epicatechin before or after a workout?

Epicatechin is best taken before a workout, because of its effect on nitric oxide in the body.

It can widen your blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to go into your muscles.

This boosts athletic performance, provides better pumps, and enhances post-workout recovery.

Can you stack Epicatechin?

Yes, you can further enhance the boost in athletic performance, increase in muscle mass, and testosterone improving effects by stacking Epicatechin with other supplements. I stack Epicatechin with the following supplements (I added Epicatechin to), and it works great for me:

Tongkat Ali

Great for: improving testosterone, increasing strength, a better body composition, better sex life, more energy, and better stress control.

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Cistanche Tubulosa

Great for: improving testosterone, increasing strength, a better body composition, more energy, better mood, and improved cognitive abilities (like memory).

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Ashwagandha KSM-66

Great for: improving sleep quality, decreasing anxiety, better stress control, improving testosterone levels/ muscle & strength gains, more energy, and better mood.

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Great for: boosting athletic performance, decreasing/ eliminating muscle soreness, a faster rate of muscle/ strength gain, a better body composition, retaining muscle during off times, improved cognitive abilities, better mood, and possibly improving testosterone.

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Longvida Curcumin

Great for: reducing inflammation, reducing pain, improving cognitive abilities (memory/focus), and potentially a better mood/ faster muscle gains.

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Green Tea Extract 45% EGCG

Great for: Improving metabolic function, faster fat loss, better skin, reducing inflammation, and overall health.

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Also possible to stack with Horny Goat Weed

Great for: sexual health (mainly improved blood flow to the penile tissue), reducing anxiety, better mood, and possibly improving testosterone/reducing inflammation and pain/ more energy.

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