18 Key Benefits of Weightlifting: Why You Should Start

18 Key Benefits of Weightlifting: Why You Should Start
December 30, 2023
Viking Beast

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I'm 24 and have been into fitness for over seven years. I focus on eating well, getting enough sleep, etc. Every six months, I check my health by getting my blood tested, including my testosterone levels. I've noticed that when I lose weight, my testosterone drops more than you'd expect for my age and lifestyle. The craziest change in total testosterone has been from the mid-600s to the low-200s.

This drop in testosterone affected my life quality, but I have no interest in taking anabolic steroids or TRT (at such a young age). So, I started looking for natural ways to boost it. That's when I found out about Tongkat Ali, a natural supplement. I did my homework and decided to give it a try.

It wasn't easy to find a trustworthy brand, but eventually, I found Nootropics Depot. They test their supplements religiously (and those from competitors), and share their findings in-depth on Reddit. It looked like the obvious choice, so I placed an order. I'm usually doubtful about “testosterone boosting” supplements because most are, for lack of better words, absolute garbage. But let's talk about my experience with Tongkat Ali from Nootropics Depot, and find out if you should give it a shot.

So, sit back, grab some popcorn and let’s dive into my review of Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali.


Lifting weights for a better body

A six year body transformation from skinny to muscular

I’ve no idea about your situation, but I didn’t like how my body looked.

I’ve learned firsthand how going to the gym can help to change that perspective completely. When you build muscle and lose fat, your body will just look so much better, it’s mind-blowing.

Do it long enough and you’ll obliterate everything that you thought was possible for yourself.

Having an aesthetic, healthy physique is awesome.

I’m not saying this has to mean huge muscles and 10% body fat, but being at least somewhat muscular, with a healthy body fat will make life a lot better.

At least it’s doing that for me, and I firmly believe this can be true for you too.

Lifting weights for re-spect

Apart from feeling a lot better about my own body, I noticed what a huge difference a good physique can mean in terms of other people.

When you’re in good physical shape you won’t get overlooked that easily. It’s hard to put into exact words, but the aura when you step into a room is a lot different.

In my personal experience, both guys and girls will respect you a lot more, without having to say a single word.

As a guy myself, I notice that other guys will ask for workout and diet advice A LOT, and tend to show respect for the work you put into developing your body.

I think it’s ingrained in our DNA that we tend to show more respect towards somebody that looks more dominant and fit than we are ourselves.

It also becomes easier to start and keep conversations with girls in general (in every context, not just in terms of flirting).

Lifting weights to get stronger

A heavy squat being performed
You can lift a lot more shopping bags at once

When you start going to the gym, you'll become so much stronger. Not just in the gym, but in life. Being stronger is just awesome in nearly every possible situation.

Do you remember when the teacher used to ask for the “strong kids” to help with moving chairs and desks? Well, you’re now the strong person in real life.

People will ask you to lift stuff for them, or if you have a girlfriend it can also mean opening a bottle of water (this might be just my specific situation).

Note: Expect people to make the unoriginal comment: “Oh, now you don’t have to hit the gym, because you already worked out. HAHA” when you’re lifting stuff for them.

Anyhow, if you currently aren’t strong (or not as strong as you’d like to be), then the gym will be the friend you need.

Lifting weights makes you better in everything

A beautiful bear with a stick in the wild
Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

You’ve probably heard the popular song from daft punk (or Kanye West), but that’s your life after you’ve been going to the gym for a while.

You are simply better in everything you do. Every sport you play, or even beyond that, just every physical thing you have to do in life becomes easier.

It doesn’t matter if it’s walking up the stairs or fighting a bear. You’ll improve. There’s a good chance you might even find a lot of new activities you like in the process.

Lifting weights helps you sleep better

Quote "get good sleep"
My sleep has improved tremendously.

If your sleep is off, you should consider going to the gym.

When you’ve been to the gym and destroyed a workout, your body is just ready to rest, and recover.

I’ve noticed falling asleep is easier, and I tend to sleep a lot deeper.

This transfers to better days in general, where you’re more awake, and can put extra effort into everything you do.

Especially great for things like work, spending time with family, and being more present in the moment.

Lifting weights for more energy

A girl lifting a guy with one arm in the desert
Movement is life.

When I have to sit for an entire day for work, or writing, I get super tired. It would make sense that when you’re not moving, you don’t lose a lot of energy, so you’re less tired.

However, we’re just not designed to sit on our asses for an entire day.

For most of human existence, we would be hunting, running away from huge animals, gathering, etc. It’s just in our nature to move.

In short, if you feel low in energy, you should start going to the gym (or move more in general).

Lifting weights connects you with your body

You feel muscles in your body you didn’t even know existed.

It’s incredible how in touch with your body you can become, by lifting weights, and going to the gym.

I can now flex individual muscles, which can be pretty cool, like moving my pecs up and down.

Being able to feel how every part of your body works and moves, is a beautiful thing to experience.

Lifting weights for better posture and no low back pain

It’s a common phrase to hear: “stand straight”, but it’s very hard to achieve a picture-perfect posture.

Especially in today’s society where people (including myself) have jobs that require sitting behind a desk for entire days, posture issues are very common.

Posture issues can result in lower back pain, and other annoying aches or pains. The gym can help you strengthen the muscles that cause poor posture, and all the annoying pains that accompany it.

If you currently have bad posture or lower back pain, then this is a great reason why you should start going to the gym.

I suffered from lower back pain for a long time before going to the gym, and this has completely disappeared.

Lifting weights for crazier sex

Do you know those sex scenes in movies where the guy lifts the girl, pushes her to a wall, and makes it look easy?

Well, you can’t do that if you’re weak.

Working out will crush the boundaries of what’s possible in the bedroom. Also, you won’t get tired, or have any other physical limitations.

If you want to be able to mimic your favorite movie scenes, you have a great reason why you should start going to the gym.

I won’t go into further detail about my own experiences in this regard, but I’ll leave you with this: it’s worth it.

Lifting weights helps you be sick less

I barely get sick nowadays, which is remarkable considering I used to cough for months on end during winter times.

Although this is not entirely from the gym, more of an overall change in lifestyle (better diet, supplements, etc.), it did play an important part.

Exercising can boost your immunity, which helps your body fight all kinds of diseases, and health problems.

More health is great in my opinion. If you like health too, going to the gym (and diet, supplements, etc.) can be an awesome addition to your lifestyle.

Mentally strong

Lifting weights improves self-Confidence

Quote "the world is ours" in graffiti letters

As you become physically stronger, you’ll inevitably become mentally stronger as well.

The challenges you encounter in the gym make you grow as a person and help you deal with every other situation in life as well. It might be cliché, but you learn to love yourself and value yourself a lot more (at least in my case).

You become more confident in conversations with (new) people, you’re way bolder in your dreams, and you’re less afraid to go after the things you want.

You’ve conquered the gym and with that your own body. Where’s the limit in life once you’ve achieved something so significant?

A boosted confidence is a great reason why you should start going to the gym.

Oh and… Few things in life make you feel more like an absolute monster than lifting more weights, than which you could lift previously.

This is also known as a new personal record (PR). I don’t know why, but it’s true. You feel on top of the world.

Lifting weights helps you deal with stress and negative emotions

Quote "do what scares you"

The physical stress placed on your body by going to the gym, helps you deal with mental stress as well.

This was a huge unexpected benefit in my life.

Whatever problem I may face in life, I can handle it better, without freaking out. It’s a lot easier for me to break big challenges down into small actionable steps. The gym is great for becoming more resilient and keeps you from crumbling under pressure.

Also, it helps me cope in times when I feel depressed, or have problems with anxiety.

The gym is always there, no matter how you feel. You can use it as an outlet, to gather your thoughts, or to just be on your own and lift weights for a while.

Put on your favorite music and lift, that’s all you have to do.

Lifting weights creates discipline

Quote "Fight today for a better tomorrow"

Seeing a change in your body, and strength levels, when you start going to the gym takes time.

To make significant changes, you have to be very consistent in your workouts and diet. If you follow through long enough, this process will teach you discipline.

Better even, it will show you that if you resist short-term temptations in life, such as cheating on your diet or skipping workouts, you’ll have awesome long-term results.

If you find it hard to resist short-term temptation in life, you've another reason why you should start going to the gym.

This will transfer over to all other goals or aspirations you have in life. In my opinion, short-term temptations are a sure-fire way to destroy achieving any dream.

Lifting weights makes you more driven in life

Quote "passion led us here"

Most people I meet, including myself when I started (still improving here), are not happy with their bodies.

This can have a dramatic impact on how you believe others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. With this burden on your shoulders, you can’t focus 400% on other things you want to achieve.

When I got the physical and other mental benefits of going to the gym, it made me so much more driven to crush other goals as well.

It made me wonder that if I can build my body into whatever I want, what else is possible? What else can I build, and achieve?

What else could you build, and achieve?

Lifting weights sparks creativity

Ideas written on a piece of paper

Another one I didn’t expect is an increase in creativity.

Taking a break from “normal” life and going to the gym allows my mind to stand back and have a new perspective on things.

Lacking creativity? You should start going to the gym.

Often I come up with my most creative ideas in the gym or right after. This mental break is a game-changer for creativity.

Perhaps this is partly due to a decrease in stress, and not constantly being distracted by work or technology.

Lifting weights helps you be yourself

Lighted sign "Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat."

It’s probably the most over-used cliché out there nowadays, just “be yourself”. What does that even mean?

Well, the journey you put yourself through by going to the gym consistently, really allowed me to learn about myself. After a while, I could truly accept who I am.

Getting in touch with yourself is an awesome reason why you should start going to the gym.

I wear two different socks, a beanie in the summer with a tank top, and strive to be a Viking, but you know what that’s what I love.

It would be a shame to grow old and realize that I’ve always changed myself for other people. All the other benefits will play a part in this.

Go to the gym or don’t, but be you. You’re awesome, and don’t let anybody else make you believe otherwise.

Lifting weights increases happiness in life

Lighted sign "This is the sign you've been looking for"

The gym might look like a daunting place at first, and I understand, because I’ve been there. As a weak skinny teen, with a bad body image, it frightened me.

However, the gym has become my happy place. The place that you can always go to, no matter where you are in the world.

Also, you’ll meet other people that go to the gym, all with unique stories and journeys.

Everybody starts somewhere, it’s true.

Bonus: lifting weights makes you harder to kill

Have you ever seen a horror movie where the fit gym person dies first? No.

Well, why not? Simple. You’re a tough one to kill. All these physical and mental benefits will turn you into a force to be reckoned with.

“Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger”

Final words

The gym has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

In this article, I tried to paint a picture of what could happen if you decide to go to the gym too. I gave you 18 reasons why you should start going to the gym, from personal experience. It’s not a copy-paste of scientific benefits, but real life.

I want to share my passion and experience with other people in this world, to be a part of positive change. Healthier, stronger, more driven, and overall just taking life to the next level.

Three words I live by are “Never Back Down”. It’s the title of the movie that got me started. I want to be that movie for other people.

If you want to learn more about my story, you can read it here.

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Have you been going to the gym consistently before?